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- After several months offline, we are finally back up and running. We thank those that use this site for their endless patience. 4/10/14


The Akashic Forums is a place where you can create your own discussions and reach out to your community. A place to ask questions, to chat about new things in the world, or simply check up on the world. Free to join! Jump on in!

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This weeks Video is the Augmented Reality Table!


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Hogwarts Thread


There is an ongoing Hogwarts Thread here:

Come by and declare your house!

-Hogwarts Members:

Gryffindor: 2, Ravenclaw: 2, Hufflepuff: 1, Slytherin: 1



-7/28/2012 Site updates are going to be few at least until September. Developments are underway.

Please note that some Admins will only be available via email or on the weekends.


-05/10/2012 Round about Route Productions got a kick in the pants with the recovery of certain stolen items. Yeah for the police. Looking forward to great stuff soon!


 -This is pure awesome: Electronics Learning Lab

I  have one and I love it to bits.


-For more details about updates, check out the Developments thread in the Site Updates section of the Forums page.


-11/21/2011- Reorganized the entire Forums, had to move the previous posts to the blogs section to preserve them.


-Got some resource links!

We now have a link for Mountain Mayhem! Check it out!


-We now include a Facebook Connection App. Still playing with that a bit.

-We have been having some problems with the Facebook Connection app, so we've temporarily disabled it. 

-We've put up a video section. Look for it as a sub-section of the 'Forums' tab

Captain's Log: Stardate 12182011 

The meaning of life is bucket. Pineapple Goggles. We're looking for a flux capacitor. We're also looking for a six fingered man.

The Eagle has landed.